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Australian Athletics – Unite With Us: A New Brand Identity

Australian Athletics – Unite With Us: A New Brand Identity

Athletics is universal and iconic. From the way the Olympic 100m finals draw the eyes of the world to the kid who never thought they could throw that far. There is more to athletics than competition. Athletics is a sport for life and is accessible to all. Athletics is built on communities that come together and support one another because of their love of running, jumping, throwing, rolling and walking.

Coles Little Athletics Australia (LAA) and Athletics Australia (AA) have taken the next step in preparing for the unification of the sport, revealing an exciting new brand identity.

The OneAthletics merger is on track to deliver the vision of LAA and AA to unite into one National Sporting Organisation under the banner ‘Australian Athletics’.  An organisation that will be well positioned to deliver clear and logical pathways for athletes, coaches and officials throughout their life in the sport.

The Australian Athletics brand revealed today signifies the united organisation’s new purpose to create a healthier, connected nation by engaging Australians in athletics for life.

The logo is simple, bold and vibrant. It has been crafted by combining the ‘A’ of Athletics and Australia, with a directional and future focused arrow with lines embodying the lanes of an athletics track.

OneAthletics CEO Kate Palmer said the launch of the Australian Athletics brand today is an important step forward in creating a new entity for athletics.

“Australian Athletics is a brand that is built by the idea of moving forward and doing so as a bold organisation, strongly focused on community and participation across athletics at all levels,” Palmer said.

“The design is smart and fresh, but most of all it recognises our position as a future peak body in Australian sport and its growing role in providing opportunities for all Australians, no matter their age, ability or gender to engage in track and field.

With the refreshed platform comes language to reflect Australian Athletics’ dream of inspiring every Australian to participate in athletics. ‘Go’ and ‘With Us’ will become the taglines for the new organisation.

The word ‘Go’ immediately instils a sense of excitement, while ‘With Us’ reflects a future focused organisation. It provides a wide angle for inclusion on every level with broad use of key words that can relate to and work with children from grass roots all the way through to the elite level.

“We are entering a new era for athletics in Australia and we are looking forward to moving into the future as Australian Athletics. We invite you to Go With Us; Run With Us; Jump With Us; Throw With Us; Roll With Us, and Walk With Us.”

Both Athletics Australia and Little Athletics Australia’s Member Associations are due to vote on the OneAthletics merger at their respective AGM in October 2021.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks for more further insight into Australian Athletics.

Further information will soon be provided through the Athletics Australia and Coles Little Athletics Australia websites.

For more information, please contact:

  • Sascha Ryner Athletics Australia Media and Communications Manager E: M: 0416 858 419
  • Ashlea Watt Marketing, Sponsorship and Events Manager E: M: 0437 299 991